Christmas Cheese Board

Our recommendation for a special Christmas cheese board:
Burt’s Blue
Bournes cloth-bound Cheshire
Cenarth Brie
Rachel Goats Cheese
Berwick Edge
Christmas Cheshire Chutney


This year’s cheese board for a very special Christmas dinner is:

Burt’s blue – with its gentle, light yet creamy texture. It has a slightly salty, clean taste. Pasteurised and suitable for vegetarians
Bourne’s cloth-bound Cheshire – with its very close resemblance to  cheeses traditionally made in Cheshire farmhouses in the past. It uses using both pasterised and un-pasterised milk
Cenarth Brie – a delicate, rich and creamy Welsh Brie. Pasteurised and suitable for vegetarians; organic
Rachel Goat Cheese – with a smooth, firm yet supple texture and with a hint of nuttiness! A real treat and ideal for anyone who appreciates a goats cheese that is not too goaty. Unpasteurised and suitable for vegetarians.
Berwick edge – strong and fruity Gouda style cheese made in Northumberland. Smooth in texture, its flavour is strong and robust.

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