Not a lot of people know that we mature cheese in our shop in Chester. We don’t just sell cheese, but we have the knowledge and expertise to carefully look after our cheeses.

When we age the cheeses, we follow a strict routine. Here are a few examples:

  1. We need to turn each cheese daily, until it reaches the right standard of quality to be sold.
  2. Soft cheeses in a box – on the day we receive them, we need to give every one of them a little squeeze in order to know their degree of ripeness. Each of them vary, even if they are from the same batch. This will tell us if the temperature in our cellar is right for them.
  3. Cloth-bound cheeses – they love humid environments and their daily turning. They also need  frequent brushing to limit mould, and spraying to keep a constant level of moisture.
  4. After cutting – we still look after them. They all need a gentle scrape daily, to keep them fresh. Cling filming is very important, it needs to be very tight, with no wrinkles.